Sprouts Maker Space

Summer Camp

 Maker Space Summer Camps

Registration is available on a daily or weekly basis.

**Children must be 8-12 years old to attend camp at Sprouts Maker Space.

Full Day: 9am - 4:00pm - Weekly Rate $400 + HST

(Drop off starts at 8:30am)

4 Day Weekly Rate ( July 3rd & Aug 7th) $320 +HST

Single Day Rate : $90 + HST

Campers must bring a packed nut free lunch each day.

2 healthy snacks are provided to all campers.

After Camp program is offered from 4pm-6pm for $20/day

Outdoor Play
In between our hands-on projects, we’ll take outdoor play breaks that give us plenty of time for fun, healthy games like Capture the Flag, Laser Tag and water balloon relays! Fun first, hands-on, creative, skill-building!


Inventors Camp - July 3-6th (4 Day wk)

This week, inventors will design their own physical and virtual toys, spaceships, spy devices, and anything else they can imagine. We’ll create devices like electrically conductive cards and secret messages with circuits, build touch-sensitive game controllers with the MaKey MaKey microcontroller, and transform play doh & water into living circuits.


3D Designing with TinkerCAD & Minecraft

July 9th -13th

Our campers/designers will imagine and build their own virtual toys, structures, and tools as they learn 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and invention prototyping. We’ll learn the Engineering Design Process and re-create virtual 3D objects we built in TinkerCAD in Minecraft as interactive, expandable--and destructible--structures. We'll also be visiting a local prototype design house to see real world technology at work. 


*Robotics Arts & Crafts Camp with LEGO

 July 16th -20th  (Rock Oasis afternoon option avail)

The camper/engineers will pair in teams to build and code robots that are able to draw mystical art, search for hidden treasure, and find their way through masterful mazes we’ve made ourselves. We’ll craft and program our own microcontroller devices, learning the new science of “physical computing”. And we’ll learn coding by programming our bots in a block-based programming language like MIT’s Scratch, that lead to new skills in Javascript and Python. 

This year we have partnered with Rock Oasis to offer a combination camp, 9am - 12:30pm at Sprouts & 12:30pm - 4pm at Rock Oasis. This option is available to full week campers only. Please select the Sprouts/Rock Oasis option at checkout. To learn more about Rock Oasis please visit rockoasis.com


Scratch Coding & Minecraft

July 23rd - 27th

This week, budding programmers will create and code new worlds in Minecraft and design video games in Scratch, the visual programming language for kids from MIT. We’ll start our coding sessions with physical games that teach us computational thinking. Then we’ll build contraptions with  circuits and program virtual robots. We’ll build video games, animated movies, and quizzes for family and friends in Scratch code and along the way learn programming, as well as creativity, problem-solving, and storytelling skills.


*Bot Battle Camp with LEGO

July 30th - Aug.3rd  (Rock Oasis afternoon option avail)

The campers/robotics engineers will team up to build and code robots that become superheroes, able to search the castle, find hidden objects, and do friendly battle. Building, racing, and battling bots teach us coding and robotics at the same time. 

This option is available to full week campers only. Please select the Sprouts/Rock Oasis option at checkout. To learn more about Rock Oasis please visit rockoasis.com


Engineering for Invention

Aug 7th -10th (4 day wk)

Every kid is a dreamer, a designer, a creator…an inventor! Every morning and afternoon is a new building project: toys, bridges, homemade video game controllers, secret circuit note cards, wearable electronics, a graphite flashlight, and more! This week of invention is all about bringing our imagination to life! 


Digital Art & Storytelling with Minecraft

Aug 13th -17th

Budding storytellers and artists will recreate worlds from their favorite books and movies through adventure quests, videos, comics, and art in Minecraft. We’ll take that inspiration far in this fun, hands-on intro to digital art, learning the science and math behind beautiful art. We’ll even recreate ourselves with pixel art! It’s an epic exploration of creativity.


*Engineering for Space Exploration

Aug.20th -24th  (Rock Oasis afternoon option avail)

Budding rocket scientists and pilots hand-build planes, sky cruisers, H2O shuttles, pop airplanes, and parachute rockets to discover fundamental STEM concepts that power us into space. Our planes and rockets will apply lift, thrust and drag, and help us discover such forces as gravity, energy, propulsion, acceleration, and velocity, forces involved in moving a car down the road, pedaling a bicycle, or shooting a rocket into space. We’ll launch into the universe of the Engineering Design Process as young scientists and inventors experiment, create, test, and prove their understanding of new concepts and skills in physics and aeronautical engineering.

This option is available to full week campers only. Please select the Sprouts/Rock Oasis option at checkout. To learn more about Rock Oasis please visit rockoasis.com


Maker Lab

Aug.27th - 31st

Do not dare enter without your creativity. This week campers make some of our favorite projects, think way outside the box, and discover the science behind circuits, lights, and creative cardboard construction. We'll make paper circuits, sound-making devices, and giant cardboard structures, then combine them all to make our structures light up and make some noise.

*This year we have partnered with Rock Oasis for 3 weeks of Maker camp.


Campers will spend the morning at Maker Space (9am-12:30pm) and the afternoon 12:30pm - 4pm) at Rock Oasis, climbing. Available w/o July 16th, July 30th and August 20th. Please specify when registering Full Day Maker or Maker/Rock Oasis. Limited space available.